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Federal Fair Lending & Credit Practices Manual by Ralph C. Clontz (Hardcover - Nov 1994) 
The effect of formal credit on output and employment in rural India (Policy, planning, and research working papers) by Shahidur R Khandker (Unknown Binding - 1989) 
Employers and Family Credit: Their Knowledge, Practices and Attitudes (Research Report: 32) by C. Callender (Paperback - 1995) 
Paths to Prosperity: Steps from Credit Chaos to Financial Freedom by Jerry Clevenger (Paperback - Jul 1, 2005) 

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Study Guide w/ Power notes for Financial Accounting a Business Process approach w/Integrated debits & credits by Reimers by Lynch, Ruhe, Reimers, and Whitaker (Paperback - 2003) 
The 2007-2012 World Outlook for Depository Credit Intermediation by Philip M. Parker (Paperback - Oct 13, 2006) 
Annual Index to Motion Picture Credits 1993 by Byerly Woodward (Hardcover - Mar 1994) 
credit and Collection principles and Practice 4th Edition by Albert Chapin (Hardcover - 1941) 


Political Economy of Sentiment: Paper Credit And the Scottish Enlightenment in Early Republic Boston 1780-1820 (Financial History) by Jose R. Torre (Hardcover - Dec 31, 2006) 
La Défaillance de paiement et sa protection, l'assurance-crédit by Bastin (Paperback - Nov 1, 1993) 
American Film Personnel and Company Credits, 1908-1920: Filmographies Recorded by Authoritative Organizational and Personal Names from Lauritzen and Lundquist's American Film-Index by Paul C. Spehr (Hardcover - Jul 1996)


AAT Technician - Unit 15: Option - Cash Management and Credit Control: Interactive Text (2002) (Paperback - May 2002) 
Your Rights As a Consumer: Legal Tips for Savvy Pruchasing of Goods, Services and Credit by Marc R. Lieberman (Paperback - Feb 1994) 
Banking and credit;: A textbook for colleges and schools of business administration, by Davis Rich Dewey (Unknown Binding - 1922) 
Credit Card Secrets That You Will Surely Profit from: A Special Report from the Boswell Corporation by Howard Strong (Paperback - Jul 1990) 


The credit market, investment planning and monetary policy: - an econometric study of manufacturing industries by Gunnar Eliasson (Unknown Binding - 1969) 
1995-1996 Indiana Business Directory: The Ultimate Sales and Credit Tool (Indiana Business Directory) (Hardcover - May 1995) 
Study Guide for Viral Hepatitis - Practical Evaluation and Treatment: A Training System for Nurses (Granting 10 Ce Credits) by Carole A. Mutzebaugh (Paperback - April 2004) 


The Bangladesh Rural Advancement Committee's Credit Programs: Performance and Sustainability (World Bank Discussion Paper) by Shahidur R. Khandker and Baqui Khalily (Paperback - Aug 1996) 
How to Control Your Credit Reports & Financial Statements to Build a Real Estate Empire (Credit the Key to Your Financial Resources, Volume 3 of Dave Del Dotto's Real Estate Series) by Dave Del Dotto (Paperback - 1984) 
Black Action Films: Plots, Critiques, Casts and Credits for 235 Theatrical and Made-For-Television Releases by James Robert Parish and George A. Hill (Hardcover - Oct 1989) 


The Credit Saver How to Protect Yourself from the Credit Bureaus by Ed Marti and Michael F. Spano (Paperback - Jun 1993) 
Asset Securitisation and Synthetic Structures: Innovations in the European
The Credit-Anstalt Crisis of 1931 by Aurel Schubert (Hardcover - 1991) 
Redescription of type specimens of species of the bryozoan genera Atactoporella, Homotrypa, and Homotrypella, from the Upper Ordovician rocks of the Credit ... Canada (Life sciences contributions) by Madeleine A Fritz (Unknown Binding - 1977)


Credit Markets by Rick Watson and Jeremy Carter (Paperback - Mar 1, 2006) 
Credit union strategic marketing: A practical guide by Louis R. F Preysz (Unknown Binding - 1993) 
Restraining the economy: Social credit, economic policies for B. C. in the eighties (Unknown Binding - 1986) 
French banking and credit policy by John Stuart Gladstone Wilson (Unknown Binding - 1957) 
Agriculture Credit: Hearing Before The Committee On Agriculture, Nutrition, And Forestry, U.s. Senate by Richard G. Lugar (Paperback - Jun 2004)


Parents Carry a Full Credit Load Too by Richard Oxhandler (Paperback - Aug 1, 1989) 
Getting Credit and Getting Credit Back (Audio Cassette - April 1992) 
Tax Policy And Administration: Review Of Studies Of The Effectiveness Of The Research Tax Credit (Paperback - Aug 30, 2004) 
Fresh Start: Credit After Bankruptcy by David E. Alberts (Paperback - April 1, 1998) 
Active Bank Risk Management: Enhancing Investment and Credit Portfolio Performance by Globecon Group (Hardcover - Mar 1995) 
Credit Analysis of Nontraditional Debt Securities (ICFA continuing education) by Ashwinpaul C. Sondhi (Paperback - Jun 1995) 

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The ABC of Social credit by E. S Holter (Unknown Binding - 1934) 
The coming credit collapse by Alexander Perry Paris (Unknown Binding - 1974) 
Sale of Goods and Consumer Credit by A.P. Dobson (Paperback - Aug 24, 1989) 
Direct credits for everybody, by Alfred W Lawson (Unknown Binding - 1945) 
Structures and Dynamics of Agricultural Exploitations: Ownership, Occupation, Investment, Credit, Markets: Session B-2. Proceedings Tenth International Economic History Congress Leuven, August 1990 by E. Aerts, M. Aymard, J. Kahk, and G. Postel-Vinay (Unknown Binding - 1990) 


Fun with loans: Chuckles and chips from consumer credit, slightly slanderous and otherwise; being as well sayings of the wise and the not so wise by Morris R Neifeld (Unknown Binding - 1963) 
Credit Repair Made E-Z by Made E-Z products (CD-ROM - 1999) 
Everything You Need to Know About Credit by Deborah McNaughton (Paperback - Sep 1993) 


Laws on Credit Transfers & Their Settlement in Member States of the Eu Foreward Questionnaire Glossary Comparative Tables Comparative Essays by European Commission (Paperback - May 1994) 
Role of Agricultural Credit in the Prosperity of Scheduled Castes by Krshna Kumara Gaura and K. K. GAUR (Hardcover - Feb 4, 1999) 
Standby Letters of Credit (Business Practice Library Series) by Brooke Wunnicke and Diane B Wunnicke (Hardcover - Nov 1989) 
How to write good credit letters, by William Henry Butterfield (Unknown Binding - 1946) 


Guide to Credit And Debt Management by Leslie E. Linfield (Paperback - Feb 28, 1996) 
Credit and security in Korea;: The legal problems of development finance (Law and development finance in Asia) (Unknown Binding - 1973) 
Taming Risk: Complete Credit Portfolio Management by Mark Fisher (Paperback - Dec 2004) 
Utilization of the 1973 Michigan property tax credit by welfare recipients (Studies in welfare policy) by Robert William Swanson (Unknown Binding - 1975) 


Agricultural credit and finance in Nigeria: Problems and prospects : proceedings of a seminar (Unknown Binding - 1981) 
Credit Repair Made Quick & Easy! by Mervin L Evans (CD-ROM - Feb 1, 2003) 
Regional Co-operation in Export Credit and Export Credit Guarantees by Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (Paperback - Feb 11, 2000) 


Turning Him Down. Credit Letters Pertaining to Declined Orders. Third Edition. Thoroughly Revised. by Henry C. Lawrence (Hardcover - 1908) 
Consumer Credit and Its Uses by Charles Hardy (Hardcover - 1938) 
Washington Business Directory 2001: The Ultimate Sales & Credit Tool (Washington Business Directory) (Hardcover - Nov 2000) 
Experiments in credit control;: The Federal Reserve System (Studies in history, economics, and public law, no. 400) by Caroline Whitney (Unknown Binding - 1968)


Social Security Legislation 2002: Income Support, Jobseeker's Allowance, Tax Credits and the Social Fund by Penny Wood, Nick Wikeley, Richard Paynter, and David Bonner (Paperback - Oct 3, 2002) 
Earn College Credits Without Ever Going to Campus 2001: Rsp Special Report #6 by Gail Ann Schlachter (Paperback - Oct 2001) 


Consuming Credit: Debt and Poverty in the UK by Janet Ford (Paperback - Nov 23, 1990) 
Test Your Credit Level Chemistry Calculations (Prepare to Pass) by David Calder (Paperback - Jan 1, 1992) 
Business Wire : LitFunding Corp. Announces Equity Line of Credit Agreement for up to$10 Million. (Digital) - HTML 


Credit and collections, (Modern business) by David E Golieb (Unknown Binding - 1961) 
Small Farmer Credit Dilemma by Orlando J Sacay (Unknown Binding - 1985) 
Credit Discrimination 2001 Supplement by Deanne Loonin and Chi Chi Wu (Paperback - 2001) 


Alexander Hamilton's papers on public credit, commerce, and finance (The American heritage series) by Alexander Hamilton (Unknown Binding - 1957) 
Tax Credits One Year on by Marilyn Howard (Paperback - Nov 30, 2004) 


Actor's Television Credits, Supplement I written with Mark Trost. by James Robert. Parish (Hardcover - 1978) 
Actors' Television Credits: Supplement I by James Robert Parish (Hardcover - Sep 1978) 


Annual Index to Motion Picture Credits 1985 Edition/With Section 5, Cumulative Titles by Byerly Woodward (Hardcover - April 1986) 
Amendments to the Fair Credit Reporting Act: Hearing Before the Subcommittee on Consumer Affairs and Coinage. by finance and Urban Affairs (house of Representatives 101st congress) Committee on Banking (Paperback - 1990) 


It's Your Money: A Consumer's Guide to Credit by Adam Starchild (Paperback - Feb 2001) 
Credit insurance, (Ronograph library, no) by S. B Ackerman (Unknown Binding - 1924) 
Credit Mgmt Hndbk by Credit Research (Unknown Binding) 


Credit for a Murder (Mystery Series Character: Don Cadee) by Spencer Dean (Hardcover - 1961) 
Commercial banks and consumer instalment credit (Financial research program of the National Bureau of Economic Research. Studies in comsumer instalment financing) by John Martin Chapman (Unknown Binding - 1981) 


Credit and security: The legal problems of development financing (Law and development finance in Asia) by David E Allan (Unknown Binding - 1974) 
The Law of Letters of Credit: Commercial and Standby Credits/With 1990 Cumulative Supplement by John F. Dolan (Hardcover - Dec 1984) 
Credit - Get It! How to Get the Credit You Deserve, Handle Debt Wisely and Build a Secure Financial Future: How to Get the Credit You Deserve, Handle Debt Wisely, and Build a Secure Financial Future by Carl E. Bock (Paperback - April 1994) 


Money and Credit: Their Influence on Jobs, Prices, and Growth by Commission On Money And Credit (Hardcover - 1961) 
An Investigation of the Conceptual and Qualitative Impact of Employment Tax Credits by Gary C. Fethke (Paperback - Jun 1978) 
Nitrogen credit trading in Maryland: A market analysis for establishing a statewide framework by Elise Bacon (Unknown Binding - 2002)


Commercial banks and consumer instalment credit, by John M. Chapman and associates ... by John Martin (1887-) Chapman (Hardcover - 1940) 
A practical treatise on the business of banking and commercial credits, by John B Duryea (Unknown Binding - 1893) 
The demand for trade credit: An investigation of motives for trade credit use by small businesses (Staff study) by Gregory E Elliehausen (Unknown Binding - 1993) 


Credit Card Rape! by J.A. Tricarico (Paperback - May 2004) 
Principles of money, credit, and banking, by Roy Lawrence Garis (Unknown Binding - 1934) 
The principles of rural credits as applied in Europe and as suggested for America, (The rural science series) by James Bale Morman (Unknown Binding - 1915) 


Hawaii Credit-By-Examination Program (Cep (Admission Test Series) by Jack Rudman (Paperback - Feb 1997) 
Supplementary statement to the report of the Commission on Money and Credit by Hans Christian Sonne (Unknown Binding - 1961) 
How to Raise Millions With Credit Cards: Regardless If You Are in Debt by Carl Simon (Paperback - Aug 1991) 


Gold and International Liquidity The Flow of Credit in Relation to Gold in the International Monetary System by W.J. (Sir Frederick Leith-Ross, Foreword) Busschau and 14 Tables (Hardcover - 1961) 
Be Credit Wise (Paperback - Jun 1984) 
An introduction to the law of credit and security by Anthony Gordon Guest (Unknown Binding - 1978) 


Credit Cardmanship: How You Can Win Big in the Credit Card Game by Martin J. Meyer (Paperback - 1972) 
Social Classes and Social Credit in Alberta by Edward A. Bell (Paperback - Jun 1994) 
Bank Operating Credit Risk: Assessing and Controlling Credit Risk in Bank Operating Services by Paul F. Mayland (Hardcover - Sep 1993) 


An End to Debt: Operational Guidelines for Credit Projects (Paperback - Oct 1993) 
Retail instalment credit: Growth and legislation, (Ohio State University. Bureau of Business Research monograph no. 120) by Edgar Ray McAlister (Unknown Binding - 1964) 


Credit Manual of Commercial Laws, 1986 by James J. Andover and Lester Nelson (Hardcover - Jan 1986) 
Le credit documentaire: evolution et perspectives (Bibliotheque de droit de l'entreprise) by Eric A Caprioli (Unknown Binding - 1992) 
Determinant factors of rationing in the banking credit market: An empirical research in Andalusia (Spanish text) -- Dissertation by Yolanda, Giner Manso (Paperback - Sep 27, 2006) 
A Challenge to U.S. Agriculture: Building the Cooperative Production Credit System by Homer G. Smith (Hardcover - Jun 1987) 
The World of Credit by David B. Triemert (Hardcover - Dec 1988) 

E-LOAN: Free Credit Report & Score


The Consumer Credit Act 1974: Elizabeth II. 1974. Chapter 39 (Paperback - Oct 31, 1974) 
How to Borrow All the Money You Need: Regardless of Previous Credit by Inc. Staff Innocom and Inc. Innocom (Paperback - 1997) - 


CREDIT MANAGEMENT by Emery E. and Hallman, J. W. Olson (Hardcover - 1925) 
Endocrinology Without Cme Credits by Mayo Clinic (Audio CD - Jan 1997) 
The people get the credit;: The first one hundred years of the Spiegel story, 1865-1965, by James Cornell (Unknown Binding - 1964)


The people get the credit;: The first one hundred years of the Spiegel story, 1865-1965, by James Cornell (Unknown Binding - 1964) 
How Money and Credit Help Us by Kane (Library Binding - Jun 1974) 
Truth-In-Lending and Regulation Z: A Practical Guide to Closed-End Credit by Dennis Replansky (Hardcover - Jun 1984) 


The commercial banking industry;: A monograph prepared for the Commission on Money and Credit (Trade association monographs) by American Bankers Association (Unknown Binding - 1962) 
Financial Reporting for Credit Unions: A Research Study (A Research study) (Paperback - Feb 1984) 
Group-Based Savings and Credit for the Rural Poor (Wep Study) by Bangladesh) Workshop on Group-based Savings and Credit for the Rural Poor (1983 : Bogra (Paperback - Nov 1984) 


Co-operative credit in rural India: A study of its utilisation by Pramod Lata Jain (Unknown Binding - 1990) 
Credit and its uses (Appleton's business series) by William Ambrose Prendergast (Unknown Binding - 1920) 
Credit Union Directory 2001 (Credit Union Directory, 2001) (Paperback - Nov 2000) 


Credit and Debt in Medieval England: C. 1180-C. 1350 by Phillipp R. Schofield and N. J. Mayhew (Paperback - Sep 2002) 
Property insurance;: Comprising fire and marine insurance, corporate surety bonding, title insurance and credit insurance by S. S Huebner (Unknown Binding - 1919) 
Improving the Access of Women to Formal Credit and Financial Institutions: Windows of Opportunity by United Nations (Paperback - Dec 1998) 


AMAZING SCIENCE FICTION - Volume 63, number 6 - March Mar 1989: Where Credit is Due; Restricted to the Necessary; A Choice of Wines; Jacob's Rock; Alphas; Counting Potsherds; Science Fiction on Video: Strange Days and Stranger Nights by Patrick Lucien (editor) (Harry Turtledove; John Barnes;
 Susan Shwartz; Sharon N. Farber; Paul J. McAuley; F. M. Busby; Gregory Benford; Matthew J. Costello) Price and Bob Eggleton; (Paperback - 1989) 
Money, credit and banking, by Ray Bert Westerfield (Unknown Binding - 1938) 


Reconstruction of railroad credit, by John E Oldham (Unknown Binding - 1919) 
Banking and credit (The Rise of commercial banking) by Davis Rich Dewey (Unknown Binding - 1980) 
The Herald; or Patriot Proclaimer. Being a Collection of Periodical Essays; on Government, Commerce, Publick Credit ... [etc. etc.] And other Interesting Subjects. by Stentor [pseud.]. Telltruth (Paperback - 1758) 
Credit and Sales: The Winning Team by Lynn Tylczak and Teresa Donohue (Mass Market Paperback - Oct 1, 1994) 


Planning and non-credit business organisations by C. S Rayudu (Unknown Binding - 1989) 
Heritage Makers Roots Book Credit by Books are authored by you (Hardcover - 2006) 
Putting the New Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act of 2003 Into Practice by LRP (Pamphlet - 2004) 
Industrial banking companies and their credit practices, (Financial research program of the National bureau of economic research. Studies in consumer instalment financing) by Raymond Joseph Saulnier (Unknown Binding - 1940) 


Credit Cards & the Law (Oceana's Legal Almanac Series Law for the Layperson) by Mavis Fowler (Hardcover - Mar 1995) 
Consumer Class Actions (Consumer Credit and Sales Practice Series) by Joel Stein (Hardcover - Dec 1987) 
Thomson Credit Union Directory 2004 (July - December 2004) (Volume 18 No. 2) (Paperback - 2004) 
The Complete Credit & Collection Letters Kit by Michael V. Meerman and CCE Michael V. Meerman (Mass Market Paperback - Jan 1, 1994) 


The Need for International Reserves and Credit Facilities by J. de Beaufort Wijnholds (Paperback - Jul 31, 1977) 
1999 Quebec Business Directory: The Ultimate Sales and Credit Tool by infoUSA (Hardcover - Oct 1999) 
Nafcuªs Lending Manual for Credit Unions by Jerry Miller and Robert J. Eisenberg (Hardcover - Jan 1998) 
Pinpointing Reasons: An article from: Credit Union Management by Neil Bartlett (Digital - Nov 30, 2006) - HTML 


1999-2000 New Mexico Business Directory: The Ultimate Sales and Credit Tool (New Mexico Business Directory, 1999-2000) by infoUSA Inc. (Hardcover - Jul 1999) 
Credit Mathematics by Peter W. Westwood (Paperback - Jan 1, 2001) 
Keep Up The Good Work(out): An article from: Credit Union Management by Bryan Ochalla (Digital - Nov 30, 2006) - HTML
PR Newswire : Casual Male Renews Partnership with HSBC Retail Services; Partnership Adds New Private Label Credit Card Program for Rochester Big & Tall. (Digital) - HTML 


The Legal side of credit & collection (Unknown Binding - 1989) 
LINES OF CREDIT ROPES OF BONDAGE by Robert Henry Golsborough (Paperback - 1989) 

THE ECONOMICS OF MONEY, CREDIT AND BANKING by F. Cyril James (Hardcover - 1940) 
The Rhetoric of Credit: Merchants in Early Modern Writing by Ceri Sullivan (Hardcover - May 2002) 
Credit Fixx by Inland Communications (Paperback - 1998) 


Improving credit availability and banking services in Prince Georges County, MD: Field hearing before the Committee on Banking, Finance, and Urban Affairs, ... Congress, first session, September 24, 1993 by United States (Unknown Binding - 1994) 
The 2007-2012 Outlook for Credit Bureaus in Japan by Philip M. Parker (Paperback - Oct 17, 2006) 


Review of the Administration's federal crop insurance reform proposal: Hearings before the Subcommittee on Environment, Credit, and Rural Development of ... One Hundred Third Congress, second session by United States (Unknown Binding - 1994) 
Catalog of California Food Stamp Credit Tokens 1939-1979 Including Nevada Food Stamp Credit Tokens by Jerry F Schimmel and Duane H Feisel (Spiral-bound - 1998) 
Capital and Credit in British Overseas Trade: The View from the Chesapeake, 1700-1776 by Jacob Price (Hardcover - Dec 2, 1980) 


Large deviations and fast simulation of multifactor portfolio credit risk -- Dissertation by Wanmo, Kang (Paperback - Oct 29, 2006) 
A guide to family financial counseling: Credit, debt, and money management (The Dorsey professional series) by Mary G Van Arsdale (Unknown Binding - 1982) 
Behind the Scenes in Washington Being a Complete and Graphic Account of the Credit Mobilier Investigation... by Edward Winslow Martin and Illustrations (Leather Bound - 1873) 


Review of state mediation programs established by the 1987 Agricultural Credit Act, and the Agricultural Mediation Improvement Act of 1994: Hearing before ... second session, on H.R. 4153, April 12, 1994 by United States (Unknown Binding - 1994)
Credit Language (Survival Vocabularies) (Paperback - Jan 1999) 
Becoming a Credit Counselor (American Business Seminars, American Business Seminars) by American Business Seminars (Paperback - 1990) 
Credit for Learning by NCVO (Paperback - 2000) 


Clinical Handbook of Psychotropic Drugs: A Training System for Nurses Granting 10 Ce Credits (Study Guide) by Carole A. Mutzebaugh (Paperback - Nov 1999) 
History and Theory of Agricultural Credit in the United States by Earl Sylvester Sparks (Hardcover - 1932) 
Credit Union Loan Tables (Paperback - Jun 1980) 
Credit Card Services: A Report on the Supply of Credit Card Services in the United Kingdom (CM) by Great Britain (Paperback - Dec 1989) 

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