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Mortgage Rates - Three Tips for Getting a Good Deal
By Rony Walker

Mortgage rates are not for the faint of heart.

In the commitment scale, buying a home ranks right up there with getting married. Taking out a mortgage can be very scary, not just because you could be stuck with the pay-off longer than you could be stuck in a marriage, but also because the money involved is no joke. For this reason, taking out a mortgage is a huge, daunting commitment. You will have to repay the loan every month, for many years to come. If you default on payments, you risk losing your home. If you are late on payments, you risk being slapped with penalties.

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The Value of Research

The best way to alleviate your worries about taking out a mortgage is by picking the best mortgage rates there are in the market. By taking out the right mortgage for the right price, you reduce the dangers of getting into difficulties over the payments. The mortgage rates you have to pay vary from lender to lender. Mortgage rates may vary from one type of mortgage to another. To ensure that you get the lowest mortgage rates possible, do your research. Scour the market for options.

It is possible to make the nature of the market work for you. For example, you may have to make the choice between fixed rate mortgage and adjustable rate mortgage. Fixed rate mortgages require slightly higher payments, but it's advisable to choose this because it provides you with peace of mind. You do not have to fear changes in the volatile market. If, however, you can absorb the market fluctuations that come with the lower mortgage rates of adjustable rate mortgages, then choose adjustable rate mortgages.

Short Term Rates Versus Long Term Rates

Mortgage rates may vary according to the duration of payments. Typically, the shorter the term, the lower the rate will be. Although this rule of thumb is not infallible, compiled data of trends show that short-term rates are always lower than long-term rates. In considering whether to choose long term mortgage rates or short term ones, think of where your interest rates are headed.

Bi-weekly Or Weekly Payments

The option of paying weekly or bi-weekly is incorporated into most mortgages. Many utilize this option because it puts them in a better position to meet payments. For one, the frequency of payments will ensure that your mortgage is paid off four years sooner. For another, it is easy to maintain payments under this arrangement because most employees are paid on a weekly or bi-weekly budget. Thus, every cash inflow is matched by an outflow in the form of mortgage payments.

In the end, what it all boils down to is that before you take out a mortgage, you carefully consider all the options at your disposal. Compare a range of mortgage rates and lenders and see which and who offer the best repayment periods, the lowest terms, and the highest borrowing power.

After all, if you took the time to date the girl before proposing marriage to her, there is no reason you cannot take your time and get to know everything about mortgaging first before taking out a mortgage. After all, you and your repayment will be married for some time. To quote an old and oft-quoted proverb, "Marry in haste, repent at leisure."

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You Can Easily Improve Your Mortgage Rate - Want To Know How? Read On
By Steve Arun and Victoria Jerman Dravneek 

Availing a mortgage has become an essential step for most people across the globe. Mortgage loan allows an individual to purchase a home that he/she can call his ‘own’. However, mortgage rates have increased to a great extent and getting these rates approved and paying the interest each month has become difficult these days. The reason is that lenders usually ask for increased rate of interest on the amount a borrower qualifies for.

There are many ways in which one can enhance the credit score and internet rate of mortgage loan. Here are some of the best tips coming straight from the experts in this field.

First and foremost, you need to understand that there are several factors that affect the interest rate you qualify for when looking for a mortgage loan. The main factor is your credit. It has the most control over. Prior to applying for a mortgage you require to revise your credit reports. The best way is to look for errors. This will let you know about where you stand.

Credit reports usually contain a record of all your financial dealings with lenders. The reports will also contain records of all your spending and borrowing habits. It also tells a lot about the way you repay your debts. Mortgage lenders require this information to measure the amount of risk a borrower is for lending the amount of money to.

Your FICO credit score is obtained from these credit reports. Mortgage lenders have their own guidelines for lending money and this is based on the credit score of an individual. The stage of your FICO credit score will be the deciding factor for lenders for mortgage loan and interest rate approval.

Improving your mortgage rate is easy, This credit score is obtained from a number of factors. Here is a proper and illustrated break down of the main factors involved in creating your credit score.

a) Repayment history of on time payments will decide 35% of your credit score.

b) The debt-to-income ratio provides 30% of credit score.

c) 15% of credit score is determined by the length of time credit has been utilized for by the borrower.

d) The type of credit a borrower uses determines 10% of credit rate.

e) 10% of credit rate is derived from the number of recent credit inquiries.

All the above-mentioned factors are directly under the control of a borrower. Hence, prior to applying for a mortgage, you should take six months in order to tune up your credit.

Steve Arun is Internet Marketing; Client Account Specialist for freemortgageloan4u.com, a resource guide providing important information’s about obtaining a mortgage loan.







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