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What is Discount Travel Card

Normally discount travel cards are cards that gives discount to the person on travel. Australia is the leading country in this field. This discount is not just limited to air travel but may sometimes include bus fares or train travel normally issued to the students. The most commonly known discounted travel cards are The International Student Identity Card (ISIC) and International Youth Travel Card (IYTC). These are valued discount cards and are available to students pursuing a full time education. It allows discounts on tickets to cinemas, air flights, tour and travel including adventure activities or study/ research related field work. There is another discount travel card that is called the International Student Travel Card (ISTC.) Discount cards guarantees ten to fifty percent discounts to card holders offered by many participating businesses including museums, restaurants, hotels, and buses and specified air or train routes. Some of these cards also offer you insurance coverage.

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If you are the business person or adventurous who frequently make to other destinations, you should go for a travel credit card. Travel credit cards can save your time and money, including free flights, merchandise, hotels rooms etc. You should know the benefits of the travel credit cards which are commonly known as air miles credit cards. Some of these travel cards cards will allow the points earned to be used to purchase other air travel tickets or something like that.

Where some cards do not give you air miles, the points that they do give can often be translated into air miles and then used. Along with the airline credit cards, such cards also includes hotel cards, bank cards, diners cards and even your more typical rebate and even some debit cards.

While selecting the discount travel cards, you need to look at the other features that they offers. Check out the interest rates, balance transfer option. Balance transfer option is the good if you have balances on other cards and are paying interest on it, you can transfer the amounts and get an interest free period so as to reduce your debt.

To take full advantage of discount cards, always take care to see when you points are going to expire. Look and compare the various fees you have to pay and also length of the introductory offer. Also take care of availability of the airlines. Make sure that the airline which you would be traveling by caters to all cities or at least cities where you are planning to visit. If you can't get the to & fro tickets for your travel then you should go for bank card which you can use on nearly all airlines and still get good points.









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