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What Is A 0% APR Credit Card?

Today 0% APR credit cards play an important role in helping a person reduce or get out of debt. Many companies offer this as attractive option. But we must understand what exactly is  0% APR Credit Card?

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APR is the annual interest rate commonly known as the Annual Percentage Rate. It reflects the cost of credit. Normally card companies offer some type of incentive APR during the first 6 months or one year. The more popular credit cards offer 0% APR for the first year.

What is the role of A 0% APR Credit Card In Reducing Debt

A 0% APR credit card can be extremely useful for reducing large credit card debt. 0% APR credit cards offers much needed financial breathing room for all those who are in a serious debt situation.

Debt consolidation or transfer of outstanding is necessary to benefit from 0% APR credit cards

You need to either transfer a credit card debt or need to go for debt consolidation so as to enjoy the benefits of a 0% APR credit card. The objective is to have individual's all outstanding debt payable to one credit card company and at a 0% APR rate.

0% APR credit cards in helps an individual or business to get out of debt.

0% APR credit card is beneficial to two groups of people. Firstly people are  able to settle their card balances on a monthly basis so that their cost of maintaining a credit card is very minimal. Secondly 0% APR credit card greatly helps them in their efforts to reduce their debt.















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