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Credit Card Reward Programs - How to get the best one

Many credit card companies offers you various reward program. Reward program are related or linked to credit card usage or spending. Though these reward programs are beneficial and carries lots of advantages with it, sometimes you need to look in to the finer details of the reward programs and the benefits that they carry.

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Although you may be tempted to keep more than one reward card, sometimes overspending and non-cautious approach may prove suicidal if proper financial planning is not followed. Not all of the reward programs are worth applying. So selecting the right program for you is very important.

Any reward program credit cards that is attached with high interest rates should always be avoided. The common feeling is that you’ll find that most of the reward cards include higher rates of interest than standard cards. This higher interest rate can quickly and easily compensate any or all type of reward. Hence you should always look at the interest rates and see if the reward is worth it. Paying your balance regularly at the end of the month is a good habit and saves you good money. Also keep in mind that there are some reward cards that offer a high annual fee. So the cost of high annual fee should not set-off the reward. Hence it is advisable that you get the fine print before you choose your reward credit card.

Cash back type of reward card is becoming very popular nowadays. Many top companies and banks offer cash back programs that offer around 1% for every purchase that you make. Before you get a reward card, you make sure to read the fine print and see if there is any maximum limit. Other type of reward program gives you points for every purchase that you make with the card. In such schemes once you accumulate enough points, you can redeem them for items or purchases. Some cards may have limits as to how many points you can receive. 

Then other popular reward card is frequent flyer miles. Within this category, some cards will base their rewards on points, while others choose to use actual miles. For every dollar you spend using this frequent flyer card, you’ll receive either a point or a mile as bonus. Once you accumulate enough, you can redeem them later. Before you actually get the one, check out the minimum redemption limit. Some frequent flyer rewards need 25,000 points or miles in order to redeem them, which can make it nearly impossible for less traveling people to reap the benefits of using the card.

There are many ifs & buts you need to take care of while choosing the right card for you. First you should identify why you need a reward card? What is your purpose? And what benefits these various schemes offers you. Select the ones that suits you.








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