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Finding & Using Best Balance Transfer Credit Cards

To understand the various types of credit cards you will need to study the offers made by these companies. This is crucial to know what exactly makes certain cards the best of the best.

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Following are the important tips on finding the best balance transfer credit cards for your financial needs. 

1. Don't give emphasis on initial Interest Rate 

People looking out for the best balance transfer credit cards are most likely carrying a balance on their current credit card accounts. Because of this, the interest rate of the credit cards should be number one item you should be concerned about in your balance transfer decision. Some cards do offer low interest rates for the introductory period and people may get attracted towards it without really considering what those rates will be going up to once the introductory period is over.

While deciding about companies that offer the best balance transfer credit cards, look at the long-term interest rates and not just the introductory rates for short period. The best balance transfer credit cards will have an interest rate that stays low even after the introductory period is over. 

2. When dealing with credit cards, you have to understand that interest rates may fluctuate in future. They can and definitely will go up or down with the market fluctuation. You may also see an increase in interest rates if you default on your credit card agreement like making a late payment or spend over your credit limit or abuse your account privileges in any other way. 

3. Decrease in interest rates doesn't mean decrease in monthly payments 

While you transfer your card balances to a lower-interest credit card, your minimum monthly payment will go down since you're paying less towards interest rate charges. But this simply means you're going to pay off your balances faster because more money is going towards the actual balance each month. Hence it is advisable that you pay off as much as you can towards your credit card balance even if you do have the best balance transfer credit card with you. It will help you save much more in interest charges. 

4. Avoiding using Balance Transfer Credit Cards For Purchases 

The very purpose of getting the best balance transfer credit cards is to pay your debt off faster while savings in interest payments & not allow to accumulate more debt in the process. Wait till you pay off your current balances & then consider making the big purchase. 

By following these tips you'll be able to manage the best balance transfer credit cards in the most effective way, enabling yourself to get out of debt sooner with low cost. 





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