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How to get Student Credit Card - Tips for managing it properly

Nowadays student credit card is very much popular tool among the students community. As it offers some benefits, it also offers some disadvantages. If mismanaged it can become huge financial burden rather that being a good financial tool. So using it properly is very much advisable. We offer you following tips to help you benefit from student credit cards.

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1. The thumb rule is that don't have more than two student credit cards at one time. The more student credit cards there are in a student's wallet, the more tempted they'll be to go on little spending binges.

2. Student credit card is not the license to spend. Save your student credit cards for emergency purposes only.

3. Every time you are using your credit cards, make sure you understand it IS cash that you're spending. You are bound to repay the amount spent by card otherwise you may be needed to pay interest and other fees which may increase your expenses.

4. Avoiding the temptation of not to spend using the credit card is very difficult particularly when you receive your first card. But keep in mind that flashing your credit cards will not make you the big person on campus. It will just put you into increasing debt.

5. You will have to pay your credit cards bills on time each month or you're going to pay for it with bad credit in the future. This may result in not meeting with other needed expenses.

6. Don't share your credit card with any other fellow student. Your friends may be tempted to ask you to borrow them or they might want you to let them use it to make a spend. Allow them to borrow your credit card only when you are willing to pay for your friends purchase and take all of the responsibility associated with it.

7. Seek advice from fellow friends & don't get afraid to ask for help from seniors about managing your finances. Make sure you seek the help of your parents for advice when you have questions about credit cards and financial situations. 










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