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Managing Small Business Credit Card - Efficiently

Ever changing interest rates & popularity of small business credit cards make it necessary to effectively manage the credit cards. For this effective use, we suggest you following steps.

In this new era where individuals are getting many more opportunities, credit debt problem need to be approached with caution. With the business credit card numbers growing as the advantages are many more, you need to be cautious about the downside. There is also a debate going on whether you should you use a small business credit card over a personal card? Though there is no doubt that with prudent use and management, small business credit card  provides many benefits.

Benefits of Small Business Credit Cards :--

By getting a business credit cards, you can separate and maintain proper bookkeeping of your personal and business expenses. It helps you in avoiding  potential tax and money management problems. 

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By separating your these two transactions, you can track your business expenditure at year end. With this you can also organize your bookkeeping process with a small business credit card.

A small business credit card provides an opportunity to build business credit for small business owners. This will be useful in the long run as your business grows and in case you need capital in the form of credit lines or loans.

You can take advantage of credit card reward and discount programs offered by various card issuing companies. These programs offers you rewards ranging from office supplies, travel, software, phone services etc. Take advantage of using the credit card to lower your expenses.

Such cards offers the ability to provide cards for your employees with preset limits. Ensure that you monitor their spending on the separate statements you receive. Though small business credit cards are more risky as it makes person individually liable.

Tips for Effective Small Business Card Management

1. Your relationship with your existing bank make credit card approval process easy so apply for credit card at your existing bank. When you need a line of credit or loan you will have a relationship established with your bank & it may not be using automated scoring systems.

2. Do not apply for multiple credit cards at a time as it may affect your credit rating. 

3. Credit card companies offers a grace period of 21 days before you have to make payment on your purchases. By taking advantage of this you can improve your cash flow using a credit card instead of checks since the new Check 21 act creates quicker clearing of checks and it speeds the cash out flow from your a/c.

4. By paying online by using credit card you can save time & cost.

5. It is advisable not to use credit card for cash advancing. You can reduce credit card fees and interest costs by this. Cash advances incur more fees and costs. Always use your business account debit when you need immediate funds.

6. One must pay off business card expenses each month to avoid late fees & high interest rates burden.

Always ensure that your business credit card is privilege and you should try to improve your financial efficiency with the help of it.





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