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How to get the Credit Card

Few things you must verify before you apply for credit card :--

You should have both a savings and checking account in good standing. Credit card companies see this as a sign of reliable payer of debt & individual's money management skills. 

You may receive lot of credit card offers. Even if you find a good deal, give yourself enough time to do research and go through the details before you arrive at a decision while choosing the right card. While selecting the credit card for you, you should be carefully study two things:-- 1) the amount of interest that it charges & 2) whether or not the issuing company is going to charge you any extra fee.

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There are two kinds of credit cards issued in general. 1) Secured & 2) Non-secured. Secured credit card with higher interest rates is normally issued to first time users where banks may require them to deposit security which may be refunded back to them after their good standing or proven record with the issuing company. They may be offered non-secured credit card in that case which charges lower interest rates.

Checking your credit worthiness -
Your credit background like job history, income, past credit, home ownership, auto ownership and many more will be determining factors in assessing your loan repayment capacity & help you to get instant credit card. 

Don't apply for too many cards at once. Even if you have one card and are looking for a second credit card we suggest you to extend the application process out over a longer period. 

Spend only as much as you can afford to pay in cash. This will save you from paying extra interests. It will also help you to be in good standing position with your credit card company.














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